The results of the seminar "Innovative packaging technology of pharmaceutical products" May 28, 2019

The seminar was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the State Institute of Medicines and Good Practices, and the company X-Tech. The event was created in order to familiarize Russian specialists in the field of pharmaceutical preparation production with the most modern, alternative and non-ordinary packaging technologies for their products. Among the invited participants of the seminar were representatives of the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation, specialists from foreign companies, partners of the company X-Tech, producing pharmaceutical equipment, as well as representatives of the largest Russian pharmaceutical companies.

During the seminar, Russian and foreign experts highlighted many key topics and proposed several innovative solutions for issues facing any manufacturer, who are excited about progressive future: representatives of Famar Tec presented a report on the modern ecological type of package and working with it. The Italian colleagues from CONVEL Srl covered the subject of inspection and considered each of the three methods to check the containers for their integrity, namely: High Voltage Leak Detection (HVLD), Head Gas Analysis (HGA), vacuum reduction method (VDM) / pressure reduction method (PDM).

Dmitry Polstyanov, General Director of X-Tech LLC, presented the online printing technology of the Swiss company HAPA AG and spoke about the advantages of in-build printing, as well as cost and waste reduction, due to the use of online printers.

Countec, a company widely known for its solutions in the field of counting and packaging technology, raised the issue of tablet counting technology. The topic of Anton Kharitonov, the head of the PHARMA direction of the Center for the Development of Promising Technologies, aroused an increased interest among the participants of the seminar, a lot of questions were asked concerning the labeling and serialization of medicines, which received comprehensive answers.

Philippe Spooren, Director of Sales, Rota Verpackungstechnik, introduced the topic “Aseptic filling and 100% weight control during filling into vials”, detailing all the advantages of integrated stoppering, filling, sealing and labeling lines for glass containers. 

David Gili, Regional Sales Manager of “INV Pack”, in his presentation “Monodoses, use of flexible packaging for primary aseptic packaging of liquid products in sticks”, spoke in detail about the technology ULTRACLEAN, which is suitable for both food and pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to equipment manufacturers, representatives of regulatory authorities took part in the seminar. In his report “Audit and Inspection of GMP Packaging for Compliance with GMP Requirements,” Vladimir Smirnov, Chief Specialist of the Department for Inspection of Drug Production and Expertise of the State Institute of Medicines and Good Practices, provided real data on recall from the Russian market of medicines for February - April 2019. He also reviewed the most important requirements for packaging materials and the packaging process contained in the regulatory documents governing the packaging and labeling processes.

The seminar presentations will be available on the website of X-Tech LLC from June 07, 2019. To gain access to presentations, you should register in the "My Account" on the company's website.

At the end of the educational seminar, each participant was granted a certificate confirming active participation in the event. 

X-Tech LLC is grateful to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, State Institute of Medicines and Good Practices, our esteemed speakers and each participant of our seminar!

The photo report about the seminar “Innovative technologies for the packaging of pharmaceutical products”.

Presentations from the seminar “Innovative technologies for the packaging of pharmaceutical products”.

Source: X-TECH